You should expect to be greeted in a warm friendly manner.  We want everyone to feel like family.  ​As a Church of Christ, we strive to keep our worship services focused on God. To facilitate this, we have the following during every Sunday morning service: Teaching, Singing, Communion, Giving, and Prayer. 

We study God's Word each Sunday. We do this through preaching during the worship assembly and through Bible classes.


We like to sing. We have chosen to sing a cappella, that is without musical instruments. This may be new to you, as not all churches sing this way. Please feel free to join in every song with us. The words will be on the overhead screen in front. If you wish to follow the words in the song book, one is located on the rack under the seat in front of you. The song name and number will be listed on the Order of Worship, on the front of a bulletin. Bulletins are available as you enter the front doors. 


We observe the Lord’s Supper each Sunday. Some churches call this communion. Someone from the church will usually go to the front and have some devotional thoughts prior to our taking Communion. Two trays will be passed. The first tray is unleavened bread, which represents Jesus’ body, and the second will have small cups of grape juice, which represent Jesus' blood on the cross. We all join together and share these as the family of God. It is somewhat like family time during an evening meal. A prayer will be said by someone before each of the trays is passed. You should feel free to partake of the bread and the cup as you choose. This is an open time of both reflection and celebration. We reflect on the sacrifice of Jesus for our sins, and celebrate that He lives in us, and will return one day to claim us as His.


We take up a collection each Sunday. We believe that our ability to give is a blessing from God. Because we believe this about giving, you can participate with us, but only if you wish. If you are our guest, please do not feel pressured to give.


Several times during the service, someone will go to the microphone and offer a prayer to God. This is our collective prayer to God as a church. You are welcome to quietly join the prayer, or silently say one of your own. The important thing is meditation on God, and thanks to Him for His blessings.